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Chapter 520 error friends
“Looks great…” Hao Ren was dumbfounded as he didn’t realize how to cope with these insignificant stuff . Even so, Xie Yujia, who used to be the Cla.s.s Chief executive, set up anything systematically .
“At the time of people three sects, I mail them three cornerstone establishment supplements every month . Because I’m apprehensive they might get too complicated, I requested those to spend us one hundred nature rocks each and every month . “
Right after achieving level 2, Small White would wish to exhibit its energy when in front of its peers that used to bully it .
“What is your opinion with the preparations?” Xie Yujia explained one at a time as she experienced with the snowfall lion cub in her own hands and asked for Hao Ren’s opinion .
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When Tiny White’s families required Hao Ren to adopt Minimal Bright, they probably hoped that Little Bright white may very well be freed through the cave . Also, the other one good reason could be that they were older and knew that they couldn’t care for Minimal Whitened any further .
Yujia! Hao Ren noticed Xie Yujia, who had been active on the niche, without delay and termed her . Xie Yujia, who has been minimizing her go and checking out a faith based herb known as Perfect Morning Bouquet, didnt see Hao Ren going into the valley . When she been told Hao Rens tone of voice at this moment, she increased her top of your head in contentment and responded in delight, Hello, youre here! She wore a V-the neck and throat t-s.h.i.+rt by using a knitted flower routine, a bright circular cap, a retro long skirt that included below her ankles, and also a white jade bracelet on the hand . Her attire was a very distinctive mixture of present day and old styles . Major Zhumu is so attractive! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili stood through the subject and immediately complimented Xie Yujia . They werent resorting to lies Xie Yujia was a great beauty, and her apparel ended up vision-getting . You will be incredibly stunning, Xie Yujia claimed . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, who stop their very long head of hair, looked very refres.h.i.+ng . Their white-colored attire s.h.i.+rts, small dresses, and dark-colored stockings had been within the academy-fashion, and so they were alluring too . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili smiled at every other sweetly it had been crystal clear they preferred Xie Yujias compliment . Will you be in East Sea Location? Xie Yujia required Hao Ren . Yeah, I recently got back . Hao Ren looked at the valley that was entirely distinct and asked, How made it happen adjust a whole lot? There are only weeds and rocks from the valley and appeared bare . Minimal Bright white transpired to have excess fertilizer, thus i planted some, foliage, and fresh flowers, Xie Yujia smiled and stated . There was clearly some soil trapped in her fingers, however it didnt have an effect on her beauty . It looked like she hadnt been idle previously four weeks . Her moms and dads have been occupied on the manufacturing facility, and she stumbled on Ethereal Summit to set up the fresh flowers and gra.s.s . She cared for this put like a your home and place a lot of time as well as in it . In which performed these snowfall lions originated from? Did you trade to them? Hao Rens gaze looked to the snowfall lion cubs, that have been rolling around the . No… Didnt you declare that there was more Seven-Shade Snowfall Lotus on the snowfall lion cave at Northwest Skies Hill? After I obtained time, I helped bring Little White there and since it planned to stop by its mother and father too . Young ladies are certainly more thoughtful, and she contemplated carrying Minor Whitened straight back to see its mother and father . I never thought of that…, Hao Ren thought . That lion cave posseses an assortment formation from the recent, and just cultivators below Zhen-level or Primary-Development World may go on the inside . Only I will provide Minor Bright back… Xie Yujia said . And after that? Hao Ren required . Xie Yujias whispered, Little Whitened already gotten to level 2 and went back to the nest gloriously . However… it identified that its moms and dads possessed pa.s.sed gone . Oh… Hao Ren was really a touch taken aback to hear this reports . He knew Small Whites persona . Immediately after getting to level 2, Minor White colored would like to display its energy looking at its peers that utilized to bully it . However, it found out that its parents werent there any more if it happened to run in the cave . These kinds of news was undoubtedly an excellent distress to Minor White . Though Hao Ren didnt understand the world in reference to his own eyes, he believed unfortunate just visualizing it . Very little White colored obtained for ages been ridiculous and interesting . It didnt enjoy doing do the job, and it liked having credit rating for accomplishments . Although it sounded like it had quite a few weaknesses, it had been faithful and comprehending . And then…? Hao Ren was stunned for several secs before wondering once more . Tiny White was very distressing . Considering that that territory belonged towards the localised world-elemental dragon clan, and the snow lions relied on snowfall lotus for food items, I didnt pick the matured snowfall lotus . I only got a bit of seeds and wish to shrub them in Ethereal Summit . Whenever I was approximately to go out of, several mature snowfall lions ceased me and provided their children . Its probably as they saw that Minor Whitened got decent encounters external and wished me to take their youngsters away from that cave, Xie Yujia explained . Um… Hao Ren nodded . All moms and dads desired the very best because of their kids, the two men and women and pets or animals . When Little Whites moms and dads inquired Hao Ren for taking Little Bright, they probably wanted that Little Bright white might be freed coming from the cave . Also, additional factor could be they were ancient and realized which they couldnt look after Very little Bright white any more . Xie Yujia experienced bad and couldnt refuse when she spotted all those tearful snowfall lions, so she had taken every one of the snowfall lion cubs along with her . Hao Ren could think about this scenario . At this time, Hao Ren made his travel around again to consider the care free snowfall lion cubs . Wheres Small Bright white? he required . Little Whitened is vacationing in its cave . Its been really down for the past two weeks, Xie Yujia pointed with the small cave beside Hao Rens cave house . Very little White colored, Very little White… Hao Ren yelled . Considering that Tiny Bright didnt proceed, Hao Ren could only take flight around and put his fingers within the teeny cave . As predicted, Tiny Bright curled itself right into a tennis ball and hid within . Hao Ren dragged its back feet and pulled it out . Minimal Whitened was distinct from the past . Its two round ear fallen on both ends of that go, and yes it searched dispirited . Sigh… its parents are gone, and Minimal Bright white is an orphan now, Hao Ren imagined . Hao Ren observed very sorry for Little Bright white . He accustomed to pat Very little Whitened on a regular basis to annoy it, but he couldnt bully it right now . He hugged it as part of his hands and rubbed its mind gently . Very little Bright shrunk in Hao Rens hands and checked on top of its dark-colored sight, that were filled with tears . Fine, alright… Hao Ren brushed its frizzy hair softly to coziness it . Given that Small White was now a amount 2 demon beast, it hadnt initialized its learning ability fully yet . Nevertheless, snowfall lions have been one of many most clever types of demon beasts . Apart from, it had been helped bring from the lion cave by Hao Ren along with the closest loved ones.h.i.+p with Hao Ren . Wu Very little White colored whined, together with its body system was shaking . If it discovered Hao Ren, the secret sadness became available at one time . Even though it enjoyed to be with females and play with Zhen Congming, it still acquired the deepest link with Hao Ren . Hao Ren was the primary cultivator it became aquainted with, in addition to the initial cultivator who required proper care of it in addition to its mother and father . This sort of connect was sound in Tiny Whites cardiovascular system . Okay… Hao Ren dragged his color and sensed miserable when he found Minor White-colored, who had been usually reckless, possessed teary vision . We are going to take good care of you . Seem, Yujia, Zi, Linlin, and Lili all such as you . Hao Ren didnt care and attention whether Tiny White-colored recognized, but he spoke softly to it . Do not cry, Tiny Bright . Your glory time are waiting for you . Hao Ren damaged the hair on its top of your head and reported with a laugh . Dont cry, dont cry… Lu Linlin and Lu Lili originated beside Hao Ren without him observing and rubbed Minimal Whites rear on top of that . Minor White colored sniffed its nose as tear still crammed its eyes, plus it investigated Hao Ren, Lu Linlin, and Lu Lili yet again before finally ceasing sobbing . Hao Ren simply let Minor White-colored out from his hands, plus it become its snow lion develop and elevated Hao Ren, Lu Linlin, and Lu Lili . Hua… The wonderful paws of Tiny Whites golf shot out four clouds of flames . It happens to be finally emotion slightly more effective . Hao Ren, who could feeling Very little Whites intellect just a little, observed this dog obtaining a touch superior . Minor Whites mothers and fathers didnt even are able to levels 1 . I must aid Tiny Whitened acquire more powerful . Sitting on Minimal Whites backside and travelling through Ethereal Summit, Hao Ren shown to themselves . On the, greater than a dozen snow lion cubs brought up their heads and looked at Small Whitened enviously They didnt recognize how to completely transform but, additionally they sat about the and considered Small Whitened flying around their heads before rolling through one by one . Their silly postures ended up cuter than Minor Bright . Hao Ren jumped off from Little White-colored, landed on the, and was approximately to seize a cub to spend time playing . Nevertheless, these snowfall lion cubs went apart instantaneously . Tiny Bright white landed with Lu Linlin and Lu Lili on its lower back, which lots of snowfall lion cubs quickly surrounded them . Gululu… Gululu… Regardless of where Tiny White-colored ran in the, these snow lions adhered to . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, who have been still located on Minimal Whites lower back, laughed gladly . Viewing a large number of smaller, white colored, foolish, and fluffy lion cubs pursuing them, any woman would discover this scene precious . Haha, Minor Bright is finally ok . Experiencing Minimal Bright playing with the cubs, Xie Yujia, who was preparing the garden, walked around . All those snowfall lion cubs that have been pursuing Tiny Whitened earlier immediately hurried to Xie Yujia and jumped around her legs . Much like how Hao Ren introduced Minor Bright right out of the lion cave, these lion cubs possessed deep ties with Xie Yujia considering that she taken them out . Especially if Small White was frustrated today and didnt be aware of these lion cubs, they acquired even nearer to Xie Yujia considering the fact that she have been taking care of them . Minor Bright white needs to be good . Hao Ren walked towards Xie Yujia . Hows the matter with collecting divine herbal treatments? The snow lion cubs jogged apart immediately once they spotted Hao Ren going for walks toward them . The one that is in Xie Yujias arms couldnt try to escape, so that it stared at Hao Ren with caution . Sigh… Im not the bad gentleman, Hao Ren thinking when he shook his travel regretfully . Today, many people go to the front door from the valley to ask about for supplements, and also the bright white jade bulletin table is stuffed on the maximum . Some obtained fantastic seed products of religious herbs, so I exchanged on their behalf with drugs . I compiled three divine herbal treatments for catalyzing the Seven-Key Five-Tone Lotus, Xie Yujia resolved . How would you raise these cubs? Hao Ren asked Xie Yujia . A single Small White already consumed considerably . With incorporating dozens of snowfall lion cubs, Hao Ren didnt understand how to manage them . I planned a psychic area to vegetation some low-degree psychic herbal treatments that snowfall lions want to eat . Their p.o.o.p is very nutritious for that spiritual plants and can nourish the faith based area . I probably wont minimize them . They are able to move freely inside the valley given that assortment formations are protecting against them from jogging outside . Also, there are many more plus much more cultivators asking for capsules, there is more info for change outside the valley . Properly must prepare it on a daily basis . Ive already purchased the nearby three sects to manage these concerns . If your circ.u.mstance isnt very important or it doesnt call for large-level items, the outsiders could get in touch with these three sects instead of leaving information behind in the entry ways . Since individuals three sects, I send them three base business drugs each month . Considering that Im nervous they can may get too complex, I obtained them to shell out us one hundred character gemstones each month . What is your opinion in the arrangements? Xie Yujia stated one after the other as she played out with all the snow lion cub in her biceps and triceps and requested Hao Rens thoughts and opinions . Seems great… Hao Ren was dumbfounded as he didnt even know how you can approach these unimportant things . On the other hand, Xie Yujia, who used to be the Cla.s.s President, set up almost everything systematically . The person who extends to have Xie Yujia as his wife is going to be happy for his entire life . Shes delicate, intelligent, and absolutely the very best at house cleaning! Hao Ren idea because he checked out Xie Yujia . So long as you do not possess objections! Viewing Hao Ren agreeing together, Xie Yujia slightly blushed, trapped her tongue out, and stated pleasantly . In order not to acquire Hao Ren believe that she was too controlling, she deliberately resigned from her task because the Cla.s.s Leader . Nevertheless, in Ethereal Summit, she all over again got full influence within the procedures . She was concerned that Hao Ren would say a little something concerning this . Hao Ren looked at her delighted phrase, smiled, and suddenly thought of a thing . He grabbed the bronze demonic bow that has been the magnitude of part of a thumb from his pendant . Precisely what is this? Xie Yujia blinked her big eyeballs and requested . From Xie Yujias mindset, this bow-formed ornament was fragile and alluring . It didnt appear like the cheap stuff from your seller for the avenue the fabric seemed to be precious metal but more dark, far more historic plus much more fantastic . This can be on your behalf . Hao Ren place the demonic bow in Xie Yujias hands . Actually feel it and try to manage this dharma jewel . Dharma treasure? Xie Yujia was slightly astonished . She cultivated Daily life-Loss of life Notes, and she still hadnt held a dharma prize . The dharma treasures that Zi robbed had been currently at Ethereal Summit but were actually too ordinary . Give it a try, Hao Ren explained by using a smile . Hao Ren cultivated the lighting Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll and didnt want a dharma jewel in any way . Although this demonic bow could be followed by his sword energies, he still had the Mystic Normal water Sword Methods from Zhao Haoran . He desired to perform his sword procedures and didnt consider moving to bow and arrows . Xie Yujias five-elemental Lifestyle-Passing away Information essentially also cultivated five components while doing so . Her realm was still low, and she still hadnt mastered the Life-Loss of life Remarks yet . If Xie Yujia can use this dharma prize, it could be a very good thing . Um… Xie Yujia performed the demonic bow, sealed her eye, and slowly injected her aspect fact in . The bronze demonic bow published a mild-discolored gleam, gradually rotating from the actual size of 50 % a thumb to palm-measurements before rising to your gauge large . Thrill! Viral buzz! The demonic bows gold bullion bowstring vibrated slightly after Xie Yujia injected several of her nature essence into it .
“Um…” Xie Yujia performed the demonic bow, closed down her vision, and slowly injected her mother nature basis within .
“Yeah, I merely received backside . ” Hao Ren considered the valley that has been entirely several and required, “How made it happen change a great deal?”
“Ladies are more considerate, and she contemplated providing Minor Whitened back to see its mom and dad . I never imagined of that…,” Hao Ren considered .
“When you don’t have any objections!” Viewing Hao Ren agreeing together with her, Xie Yujia slightly blushed, caught her mouth out, and reported pleasantly .
“Small Bright white, Very little White…” Hao Ren yelled .
Hao Ren dragged its rear lower limbs and dragged it out .
“We shall take good care of you . Start looking, Yujia, Zi, Linlin, and Lili all like you . ” Hao Ren didn’t maintenance regardless of whether Minimal White-colored comprehended, but he spoke softly on it .
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“Oh…” Hao Ren was a tiny bit taken aback to hear this reports .
Hao Ren allow Very little White-colored away from his biceps and triceps, also it changed into its snowfall lion shape and removed Hao Ren, Lu Linlin, and Lu Lili .
“This is certainly for yourself . ” Hao Ren position the demonic bow in Xie Yujia’s arms . “Truly feel it and see if you can regulate this dharma cherish . “
Considering that Minimal Bright didn’t proceed, Hao Ren could only fly above and place his palm into the tiny cave .
“How did you elevate these cubs?” Hao Ren requested Xie Yujia .
The bronze demonic bow launched a light-yellow light, progressively changing from how big is 50 percent a thumb to palm-dimensions before growing to some gauge high .
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“Also, there are far more and more cultivators seeking drugs, there is far more data for swap beyond the valley . We’ll ought to prepare it each day . I’ve already ordered the surrounding three sects to handle these concerns . In the event the circ.u.mstance isn’t very important or it doesn’t call for higher-degree products, the outsiders could call those three sects rather than leaving mail messages behind for the entry ways . “
“Yeah, I recently got rear . ” Hao Ren investigated the valley which had been entirely several and questioned, “How did it transform a whole lot?”
“If you don’t possess objections!” Discovering Hao Ren agreeing together with her, Xie Yujia slightly blushed, bogged down her mouth out, and said pleasantly .
“Sigh… its parents are gone, and Small Whitened is definitely an orphan now,” Hao Ren considered .
Hao Ren viewed her thrilled concept, smiled, and suddenly thought about some thing . He grabbed the bronze demonic bow that was how big 50 % of a thumb from his necklace .
“Give it a try,” Hao Ren claimed using a look .
“This is on your behalf . ” Hao Ren set the demonic bow in Xie Yujia’s arms . “Really feel it and try to control this dharma cherish . “
“I arranged a faith based industry to vegetation some small-levels divine herbal plants that snow lions want to consume . Their p.o.o.p is very healthy to the divine herbs and can nurture the religious area . I probably won’t restriction them . They are able to move freely from the valley so long as assortment formations are controlling them from working outdoors . “
Xie Yujia’s whispered, “Small White-colored already achieved amount 2 and returned to its home gloriously . However… it found that its families experienced pa.s.sed absent . “
As envisioned, Small White-colored curled itself in a golf ball and hid in .
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One Small White colored already ate a great deal . With adding a multitude of snow lion cubs, Hao Ren didn’t understand how to deal with them .
Xie Yujia, who has been decreasing her top of your head and reviewing a spiritual natural herb branded ‘Heavenly Day Scent,’ didn’t see Hao Ren coming into the valley .
“Very little Whitened was very distressing . Considering the fact that that territory belonged into the localised world-elemental dragon clan, and also the snowfall lions used snow lotus for food, I didn’t select the matured snowfall lotus . I only got a bit of plant seeds and need to grow them in Ethereal Summit . “
Xie Yujia, who has been minimizing her top of your head and checking a spiritual botanical herb referred to as ‘Heavenly Day Bouquet,’ didn’t see Hao Ren entering into the valley .
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“And then…?” Hao Ren was stunned for a few mere seconds before wanting to know once again .
“Haha, Tiny White is finally fine . ” Discovering Tiny White having fun with the cubs, Xie Yujia, who was setting up the garden, walked through .
“There were clearly only unwanted weeds and rocks within the valley and seemed unfilled . Minimal White-colored taken place to have excessive fertilizer, thus i planted some, plants, and fresh flowers,” Xie Yujia smiled and reported .
“Also, there are more and even more cultivators requesting products, and there is a lot more facts for swap beyond the valley . We’ll need to organize it everyday . I’ve already purchased the surrounding three sects to deal with these concerns . When the circ.u.mstance isn’t very critical or it doesn’t call for great-amount merchandise, the outsiders could contact the three sects in lieu of leaving behind announcements behind with the entry ways . “

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